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High Fives

Our Partners

We are proudly partnered with the following organizations:



Build a reconciling community: Be an agent of racial healing.

The Telos Group

To form communities of American peacemakers across lines of difference, and equip them to help reconcile seemingly intractable conflicts at home and abroad.


Ideos Institute

A research and practice institute  working to radically transform spaces of division, polarization, and human conflict through the power of Empathic Intelligence.

Embracing The Journey

To build bridges between LGBTQ+ individuals, their families, and the church, not in spite of the bible but because of the bible, drawing parents and children into a deeper relationship with each other and vertically with God.


Nuance Ministries

To bring nuance back to our cultural dialogues, with a particular focus on the intersection of LGBTQ+ issues and Christian faith.


Connect with other LGBTQ+ Christians and experience the good news: God loves and celebrates you. And so do we.


The Reformation Project


As a Bible-based, Christian organization, its mission is to advance LGBTQ+ inclusion in the church.

To promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in education, employment and opportunity through long-term relationships with youth and their families and communities.

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